Peer Review -- Replying to Reviewers' Comments I

J. Patrick Barron

19 May 1999

This presentation focused on how authors and their editors should interpret and reply to referees' comments when submitting papers for publication in peer reviewed journals.

One point that was stressed was the importance of suggesting qualified reviewers to the journal when submitting a paper.
This can be done by including a statement like this in the cover letter: "Without wishing to take a liberty, my co-authors and I feel that Dr. XXX (address, tel., fax, email), Dr. YYY (address, tel., fax, email), and Dr. ZZZ (address, tel., fax, email) are excellently qualified to review our work."
Suggested reviewers should be persons on the editorial board or members of good standing in the society who have good knowledge of the authors' work (either through meetings at international congresses or through correspondence).

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