Teaching of Translation at the Monterey Institute of International Studies - Part 2

Chie Mori

17 October 2001

MIIS Translation course

Translation courses at the Monterey Institute (Monterey, California) consist of Basic Translation Exercises, sight translation, Translation of Economic Texts, Translation of Science/Technical Texts, Translation of Political Texts, etc. The tuition was $9,500.00/semester in 2000.

All translation courses are hands-on, interactive classes. Part of the class time is spent on feedback of the previous assignment. Student's work is evaluated according to meaning, style, grammar, and terminology.

The emphasis of the class is on preparing correct, elegant translations in a format that is acceptable to clients (250 words/hour). Sight translation enhances the skill in skimming, scanning, and grasping the message of written texts quickly.

Approximately, one third of students in my program ('00) passed all Professional exams that were required to receive Master's Degree in Translation, Translation and Interpretation, and Conference Interpretation on their first try. A quarter of students has not yet successfully passed all exams one year after graduation. Out of 17 students, 3 dropped out before the end of the first year. Of those 3, one made a comeback after one year.

The program was tough, but was certainly worthwhile in learning translation in depth. I certainly would not want to go back and do the whole thing again, but would not mind taking some refresher courses if there are any.

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