Translation of the Merck Manual

Yukari Nakamura
Midori Ota, DDS

16 May 2007


  • 「The Merck Manual」について

  • 翻訳プロジェクトの概要

  • 実際の翻訳作業

  • チェック体制

  • プロジェクトの良い点、新しい点

  • 作業や翻訳のルール

  • 作業ファイルの長所と短所

  • プロジェクトを通して感じたこと

Through this project, I have reaffirmed the importance of medical translation/interpretation. It is an increasing tendency that not only doctors and medical staffs but patients gather medical information on Internet, in journals and any other materials to determine their own therapies. I could say that the influence of medical translation/interpretation on society is getting bigger than before. What is desirable would be having concrete pictures of readers in each translator's mind to feel a closer relationship with our society and to be more interactive. (M. O.)

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