Interactiveness of Oral Presentations at Medical Conferences in the UK and Japan

Chieri Noda
Department of International Medical Communications
Tokyo Medical University

17 November 2010

Chieri Noda reported some of the findings of her recent research project on communicative strategies used in oral presentations in English given at medical conferences in the UK and Japan. She also included group activities which incorporated these findings. The findings of this study are especially relevant to those engaged in teaching English to medical students and researchers. It should also have implications for those who translate or edit research articles and oral presentation texts in English.

Chieri Noda is an English/Japanese translator and interpreter. She also has experience in teaching English at Japanese medical schools and in giving English language assistance to Japanese medical researchers. This research is part of her MA dissertation in Communication which was submitted to Birkbeck, University of London, in September 2010. Part of the research has also been presented in a poster session at the Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting in Tarragona, Spain, on 29 October 2010.

The speaker has kindly provided the poster on which the presentation was based (in PDF format).

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